Sunday, July 8, 2012

confetti cake

Even though there's been this disgusting heatwave hovering over Wisconsin for what feels like weeks (it's only been days) I have refused to let it dictate my daily outfits! Even if it means giving myself heat stroke, I AM going to layer! And even if socks over super sheer tights and a lace bed jacket over my dress is as layer heavy as I'm going to (and can) get, at least I still feel like I'm putting some sort of effort into it.

I wore one of the newest additions to my wardrobe today. These super gorgeous/amazing/everything-I've-ever-wanted-in-a-shoe shoes. They're rocking horse shoes, of course! I finally managed to snag a pair that fit and everything and I couldn't be happier! ≧◡≦ They're so much fun to long as you stay away from gravel and uneven sidewalks. Earlier today when I took them out for a test run I *nearly* twisted my ankle and faceplanted when I hit an uneven patch of sidewalk. -__- Luckily I caught my balance just in time to not kill myself!

In case you're wondering, I ordered them from Bodyline and they're the same style as these, but I wore mine sans the spiked ankle straps today. Instead, I ended up wearing them with these suuuuuuper adorable Little Twin Stars socks that I just got in:
JUST.LOOK.AT.THEM. They totally deserve their own picture, right? I knew these were gonna be super cute when I bought them, but the pictures in the listing didn't quite do them justice! The tiny glitter accents within the sock design were definitely a pleasant surprise! ❤‿❤
Is mixing Sanrio with Disney a faux pas? Uh, yeah it probably is...whatevs.
I also wore this darling princess brooch that Amanda made and sent to me ages ago. I've been waiting for just the right outfit to wear it with and today I found it! ✿◠‿◠

And because my 19th birthday is in a week (!) I just thought I'd share this early gift that I got from my friend Kailey! I had been expecting a surprise from her in the mail, and I knew it was going to be beyond amazing, but I wasn't quite prepared for just how amazing it was actually going to be. She made me a BIRTHDAY ZINE. Yes, you read that right. It's official: Kailey is actually an ANGEL.
This is the cover of the zine, illustrated by Kailey herself! Inside were birthday wishes from all of my best ~internet~ friends! I actually think I died and went to pastel heaven when I opened it. Here's just *one* of the adorable pages:
You better believe I squealed over this all day after I got it. It's one of the nicest things gifts I've ever received! Thank you so much to everyone who sent their super sweet birthday wishes! (This means you Stella, Isabel, Tavi, Rosie, Maanii, Victoria, Caroline, Eline, and Holly) All of my love and internet hugs go to you girls! \(^ω^\) And also to Kailey for compiling this birthday zine and being such an amazing friend. LUV U LOTS GRRRL <3


  1. awesome outfit
    the shoes are insane
    you look about 10 feet tall!
    happy birthday for next week
    ... birthday outfit?!

  2. Love your dress! The card is amazing. Happry birthday for next week!

  3. THE SHOES! I have some wooden soled platforms and it's the bumpy bits near road-crossings that kill me. EVERY TIME. But otherwise, they rock. Generally tho', outfit wonderment. I hate hot weather because it stops us bloggers layering.

  4. THOSE SOCKS. And that dress. PRECIOUS.
    That's a freakin' rad birthday present. The illustrations are amazing! :)

  5. amazing socks, i need a pair like that! Would make me endlessly happy! Happy birthday for next week!

  6. Awesome, you finally got those shoes! Now I'm really tempted to grab myself a white one too, they look amazing with your outfit *O* I can't believe we both got them in the wrong sizes HAHA

  7. Love your dress! It's precious and your shoes are amazing!

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  8. Happy birthday! That zine is really cool.
    Last year I did the same thing (it's not a mistake if it is emotionally comfortable!) with the layering in summer. I remember the outfits worn, not the (almost) sweating. What's more is, I even wore semi-thick wool tights:
    I think I just got my daily dose of sweetness reading that post. Now let us wonder: had you died wearing these shoes, would you have exploded and parts of your body morphed into a horde of ice cream unicorns? Food for thought. (though, ice cream and unicorns aren't the epitome of it all. just saying.)
    (yes, your outfit really makes me want to eat ice cream.)

  9. This outfit is pastel perfection! The combination of the socks and shoes is adorable beyond words. Also, that birthday zine warmed my heart! All that internet girl love. I hope you have a great birthday!

  10. Happy birthday Marlena!! You are the cutest, funnest lil lady ever. I was honoured to contribute to your birthday zine. Eat all of the cake!

  11. Great outfit! Question about the Bodyline shoes - do they run huge, like everyone says?

    1. Not at all! The shoes are made in Japan sizes, so they definitely run on the smaller side. They're really narrow, too! I heard a lot of people saying 'order a size up!' but I wouldn't suggest it. I wear a US womens size 7 and my feet measure 24.1 cm, so I bought the size 240 (which equals 24 cm in length) and they fit perfectly, even without socks! Just measure the length of your foot (from your longest toe to the back of your heel) and use that measurement as a guide to choose your size. ^.^

  12. happy birthday marlena! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

  13. Happy Birthday!!! I love making zines as birthday presents. They are fantastic.

  14. Woow, seems like you've been having a good time in your life lately! Firstly, this outfit is killer... but like a nice, err, cute, pastel killer? Secondly, I freaking LOOVE those socks, the glitter details are perfect! SO ADORABLE! Oh and Happy Birthday :) that zine is so thoughtful and lovely.

  15. Your outfit is soooo cute! Dying here a little bit.
    Also that zine looks amazing, Kailey is so talented! Happy happy birthday!

  16. Aw yay, I'm glad you finally got Kailey's zine! I was super excited to be a part of it and am in the middle of preparing your package as I speak. It won't get to you in time for your birthday (as I had hoped) but it will get to you nonetheless! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY you amazing gurl and I hope you have an amazing day, lots of love and hugs <3 <3 <3

  17. Aaah you look too cute! I am so happy you finally got those rocking horse shoes and am super psyched to read they fit great! I'm gonna buy my own ones next month :D

    So happy you're excited about the zine! HOW AMAZING IS KAILEY OMG I nearly wept with how adorable and nice and amazing her idea was when I read her e-mail! ;______;

    Also I totes hate summer for not being able to layer comofrtably either! Summer here's even weirder because you just know it'll start raining sooner or later so then you have to pack more layers or a raincoat and an umbrella and I don't even know what else. Summer is just so confusing and torturesome for a clotheshorse. SOB.

  18. You are so pretty.Love that outfit.That socks, perfection!
    Glad you've finally get that zine!
    much love, L.

  19. Happy Birthday!! So lucky!! What great friends you have!! I love the illustrations!! Kiss!!*ah the socks are so cute!!

  20. That is such a sweet birthday gift! (Oh, and happy birthday!)
    Those socks are possibly the cutest things in existence. And rocking horse shoes! Amazing!

  21. Love this outfit! Those shoes! @_@ gawjus!!

  22. your style is art. i love your blog :)

  23. Happy Happiest Birthday! I'm working on a belated birthday surprise for you right noww. This is outfit is lovely!

  24. pretty

    Check out my blog! What do you think? Let me know! I'd love some feedback. Maybe we can follow each other?


  25. this outfitttttt my goodness. it's everything I've ever wanted!!! also rocking horse shoes, totes jelly, want some of my own. you're amazing and I hope you have a very happy birthday!!!

  26. what a perfect outfit. prettyprettypretty!!!!!!!!! love it<3
    those socks are amazing and i am tempted to steal them off you, or just go buy some. i think that would be the better option;D x x

  27. Marlena! so happy that Kailey got in touch and that I got to be part of your birthday zine! Many happy returns and internet love from me, Holly x x x x

  28. My eyes went straight to the socks-they are ADORABLE!! I wondered what the zine was going to look like, it looks wonderful, I really do hope you have the bestest birthday ever :DDD

  29. Wow you are brave I don't think I could walk in those shoes! Such a cute outfit :)

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  30. Gorgeous blog, saw your collar post on the rookie and made a pretty darn gorgeous one, Guess who's following you? ME.<3

  31. I saw your post on how to make a collar and had to check out your blog, so glad i did !
    I've followed you!

  32. Don't die of heat stroke :( although may as well go out in style if inevitable, the socks and tights are probably worth it x

  33. OMG my feet already feel naked without those socks, I mean little people, pastels, GLITTER!!! I will dream of them tonight xxx

  34. I was just about to write "I DIEEEEEEE" when I saw your final caption. Goddammit you stole my comment! You are seriously the coolest.

  35. Totally diggin this outfit!!
    I'm in Taiwan right now and doing some last minute shopping for friends. There's a bunch of cute stuff that I think you'd like but I don't know for sure. I want to get you something so let me know if there's anything you can think of that you'd like (something specific would be good)! o uo Whether it be socks or tights or skirts (tulle skirts are really in this year) or hair accessories or collars/lace bibs (which are also really in this year)something else.

  36. That has to be the sweetest/cutest birthday gift ever! I kind of want to high five everyone that helped to compile it and then ask them, if they'd mind if I stole their idea for a friend's birthday! :D


  37. Everything about this outfit is perfect. You're so beautiful!

    (Did you make that dress?!)

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    ~Candy of

  38. Oh my god! The dress, the socks, THE SHOES!!! You look awesome.
    That card is totally rad. Your friend is talented. Happy birthday!

  39. Thank you comment on my blog!
    I love your styles! soooo cute!
    Little twin stars are Japanese characters! I love that since I was child.

    My English is not good,,, sorry X(

  40. oh

    your blog is soooooo cool!! rocking horse shoes?! what?! just like the vivienne westwood's?!?!?! they are amazing! your style is so cute! all the pastel colors and the prints and the cute stuff that reminds me of my own awesome childhood :)
    your hair is so cool, I wish I had the guts to cut it that short :O it looks so cute!
    and these socks! how adorable! sorry, but I can't help putting a '!' after every sentence just because I'm so excited! your blog is so nice! where is the 'follow' button? I'm followiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!

  41. those socks are like unicorns and rainbows all mushed together.

  42. i think it might be creepy if I blog about you and don't tell you. so, look, i blogged about you!

    that zine is the sweetest and your friends will someday be renowned illustrators. I like your shoes and that they are called rocking horse shoes and if you couldn't tell I also like your blog


  43. Oh wow. Just found your blog and I'm in love with your style! A birthday zine is pretty much the coolest present I can imagine. Awesome. Adding you to my blog reader!

  44. I hate the heat as well, I live in Los Angeles and the heat is killing me right now too! :/
    Your outfit however has such a refreshing look with those colors, despite the layering! Hahah
    Have a happy belated birthday by the way, from me to you. :)

  45. Marlena all your outfits are amazing!you have really cool stuff! hugs from Perú!

  46. You look absolutely adorable!

    I think I'm going to have to research these rocking horse shoes. They sound like great fun =]

    Lee x

  47. so sweet!! wish I could pull this look off :)

    have you ever considered doing a room tour (a lot of people on youtube do them)? the backdrop of your room that you take your outfit photos on is really cool!

  48. Dear Marlena, I want to write a love letter to you. But I think this would turn out... bad. So I'll just say, I love love love your style and your writing and your brooch. and your socks. and your shoes. and your... okay. I could go on like this forever, but I'll stop now. But your dress is. WOW. HERE's YOUR GERMAN FAN, yay!

    Would you like to take a look at my blog? I mean, I would be more than honored and I will keep commenting anyways. :)

    PS: I love your blog. You fuckin' rule the world, marlena.

    PPS: Happiest birthday!

  49. I was wondering what happened to this! Haha, so glad you got it. It looks RAD all put together!