Friday, January 29, 2010

Darkness Doubled

I was looking at a squirrel that was on my window o.0
Don't mind the Hello Kitty in Paris background,
that's the curtain to my closet...

This skirt has got to be one of my best thrift finds yet!
It's purple plaid,has pockets! and is 100% wool.
I've never seen anything quite like it!
Siouxsie Shirt-Angry Young and Poor
Black Crochet Dress-Thrift
Skirt-Thrift (Patty Woodard?)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Altered Images

It was so freaking cold out today! D:
Thank God for older siblings with cars.
I couldn't decide between my purple or pink tights,
so i wore both.
The one leg on the purple pair is safety pinned so it's not
I also promised my mom that i would at least try to wear something
more appropriate for the rest of the winter.
She thinks i'm gonna get hypothermia or something
I figure that's just a couple weeks (ok, it's a lot of weeks)
I just absolutely loathe the thought of dressing for the weather.
Baby doll dress top thing-Threads

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sketch For Spring

Taking a picture where i didn't look like a total creep just wasn't happening today...
It probably wasn't the best idea to wear a spring outfit in 15 degree weather,
but i think dressing like it's April is the only way i can stay some what sane during the winter months.
And i just had to wear this dress ever since i re-discovered it
the other day.
It was a tester for another dress that i planned on making and when i was
finished with this one i hated it.
I'm actually quite fond of it now.

Little Mermaid Dress-Made it
Multiple sweaters (not shown):Thrift ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Same Old Boredom

So, this is what i was working on over the weekend.
When i was really supposed to be cleaning my room and doing school work...
I had this jean jacket that i never wore and decided to fix it up.
I had to bring it in and take the sleeves off
(cause it was about 3 sizes too big!)
I also took apart my super old notebook converse
that i bought when i was 12-ish,
and used the parts that had the most design on them.
Along with the original shoe laces (haha)
i sewed them on to the back of the jacket.
This is probably going to be an ongoing project cause
there's tons of other things i want to add.
I'm thinking spikes around the collar,
and maybe some sort of paneling with different fabric.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clichéd Inspiration Post #2

I'm still obsessing over sequin dresses and doll parts.
I need that skeleton dress!
I'm kinda hoping i'll be able to re-create it
whenever i have the time (and money!)
I recently acquired a green Kelly doll-i think she's supposed to be a zombie or something-
and i can totally see her becoming an awesome head piece or broach.

Pictures From:
(If i remember correctly)
Drop Snap
Mummy Meat
Cute & Nast
And uh, Google Images?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fan Club

I kind of didn't want to freeze my legs off today...
But to my surprise,
These pants weren't much help.
My knit tights are a lot warmer.
That was just me trying to justify wearing shorts and skirts in the middle of January.

Stripe-y Pants-Tripp N.Y.C.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pulled To Bits

What I wore today: Aaaaaand
I finally finished some stuff today:
This creepy kitty face top thing-
I made it out of an old sweater that i chopped the sleeves off of.
I used transfer paper for the cat and stuck a bow i made on his head.
I also made this bag with scraps i had left over from another project,
I usually hate rick rack trim but I saw a bag that had it layered under the fabric (dunno if that makes any sense) and it didn't look all that bad so I tried it.

With a detachable bow because sometimes I hate bows and sometimes I like'em.
I'm also working on two dresses,
one for wearing and one just for fun.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Crimson Ghost

It hit a high of 35 degrees today so it was totally warm enough to wear shorts.
(Yeah that makes a lot of sense)
I didn't die! I'm still alive..i think.
With tights it actually wasn't that bad, not any different than wearing a skirt.
I think the only thing missing from this outfit is a huge pair of Kurt Cobain sunglasses.
How come they're so damn hard to find?
I would also fancy a pair of these.
I envy you Nachiko, where on earth do you get platform converse?
Sure they may be ugly but i want a pair!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Germ Free Adolescent

I can't decide which position i like the bow in,
Yeah i know i look stupid, quit laughing.

I obviously don't dress for the weather...
I was a bit worried that i might freeze while on my way to the library,
but it actually wasn't that cold out.
Yay for not freezing to death!
Bow Belt-Made it
Boots-Gift (from Wal-mart i think)

Monday, January 11, 2010

This street we walk along

My camera decided to be a bitch today, every picture it took was blurry -_-
I found this last night:

I definitely prefer these versions over the studio ones.
They sound very Doors-esque, even though i don't care much for The Doors
(or the dorks, as my sister calls them)

i really like the way this sounds.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I've been sick-and bored out of my mind- for the past couple days
so i decided to try some t-shirt stenciling.
I was surprised that i didn't totally 'eff them all up (considering i had a fever and was dizzy)
I think this was my 3rd ish time using stencils.
As you can see the Minor Threat one isn't completed,
i still have to stencil on the band name and fill in some gaps i missed.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I got my brother to be my chauffeur today-
Yay for not having to walk through mile high snow banks!
He looked at me and said "Didn't you have that outfit when you were ten?"

This was my opportunity to wear something that's not weather appropriate.
But i still had to pile on 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of socks, mittens/hat and my fur coat.
I also had time for a bit of thrifting, i figured i wouldn't find anything i liked and then i saw this.
And yes, i did have a little freak out in the store.
It's knit! and in my favorite colours and it's knit!
Okay i'm sure y'all get it
I can't wait to wear it out and make my brother cringe.

HK Shirt-Target
Plaid Skirt-Thrift
Sparkly Leggings-Gift

Monday, January 4, 2010

lotsa purple

I like this picture, despite the fact i look like a total nut-case, haha.
Scarf-Knit by my sister
Skirt-Super L.F.
Skinnys-Tripp NYC