Wednesday, February 17, 2016

queen of ( sweet ) hearts

Soooo, I guess it's been a while! I haven't completely forgotten about this blog, it's just that I haven't really felt up to posting anything these past few months. I'll blame it on a mixture of feeling miserably bored with everything and also being super busy with IRL stuff. On a happier note, this past Valentine's Day I was feeling a bit more like my usual self and finally got up the nerve to snap a few pics of my ~look~. There's just something about pastel colors and heart-shaped candy that always seems to put me in a better mood...

I don't usually bother doing my hair (it's *still* such a foreign thing to me, as you know I had some variation of a pixie/bowl/buzz cut for years...) but I wanted to try a style that would show these sweetheart barrettes off  nicely, so I went with a crown of braids. I think it turned out pretty neat considering I don't have a clue as to what I'm doing!

I made this giant sweetheart ring for V-day four (!) years ago and it still looks good as new. Resin is definitely some magic stuff.

This button badge from Becca is one of my faves (& perfect for Valentine's, don't you think?) ❤

❣outfit details❣ 
dress - vintage | button - Ultra Terrestrial | self-made candy barrettes & ring