Thursday, March 20

✾ spring flowers ✾

It's officially Spring! I'm so excited!!! Can you tell by all these exclamation marks I'm using?! It's still very winter-y where I'm at, so I'm not exactly celebrating just yet, but I couldn't help daydreaming that it was sunny and snow-free outside when I put on this outfit today. ^__^

●outfit details●
dress - vintage | blouse - c/o Oasap | shoes - Doc Martens | (the coolest) purse (ever) – Accoutrements

I found this adorable '60s toy vending machine ring on etsy last year - I love how the colors on it match my dress. ❤

My face! & my favorite daisy earrings. You can also kinda see my purple bangs here? Yeah, they've been purple since January, they just look black in all of my photos. =_=

Springtime jams~

Wednesday, March 12

colorful rebellion

I threw this outfit on after a night of looking at photos of Colorful Rebellion, the latest art exhibit by 6% DOKIDOKI's Sebastian Masuda. This dress (which I found on a clearance rack at Target for $5!!) kinda reminds me of all the pompoms, decapitated stuffed animals, and bright colors that he uses in his collages.

●outfit details●
dress - Target | hologram belt - Rad Breath | tights - gift from Kaia | boots - Oasap

This bag is probably the only piece of 6% DOKIDOKI that I'll ever own, but at least it's a super cute one? I wear it almost daily! My POP ring & My Little Pony pin are by Teen Mermaid. ❤ ❤ 

This is the mook (magazine book!) that the bag came with. It's filled with pages upon pages of rainbow-y goodness...I just wish I could read half of it! T^T Here are some of my favorite pages:
1) Yuka & Vani looking super rad as usual (you can see more from this photoshoot here2) Popular items collage (which features some Lisa Frank stuff that I had as a child? haha.) 3) Shoichi Aoki interview that I can't read...hopefully I'll be able to find a translation somewhere! 4) Cute pastel outfits *O*

From the Colorful Rebellion exhibition - this is my dream bedroom! 

One last photo before I go out and burn some retinas o.~

Thursday, March 6


Can you tell that I just want it to be spring already? (ノД`)・゜・。

●outfit details●
cardigan - c/o Oasap | dress c/o Choies | tights & badge - MILKBBI | shoes c/o Mart of China

I didn't realize that this badge matched my heaven tights so perfectly until today (〃゚д゚〃)
Super cute platform ballerina shoes that I'm probably going to wear until the soles fall off. I'm gonna need the snow to melt ASAP so I can actually wear these out. My outfit didn't look half as cute as this when paired with my clunky winter boots. -__-
Breeze by Lush on Grooveshark

Wednesday, February 26

☺ lipsticks I love ☺

I've been meaning to do one of these ~favorite lipstick~ round-ups for ages, but seeing as I'm the laziest blogger ever it just hasn't happened. Recently I've received quite a few messages from you guys asking what my fave lip products are, so I figure now would be the perfect time to finally do this post! Out of my collection of 30+ lipsticks (eek, I know @_@) there are really only six shades that I wear on a daily basis and absolutely swear by in terms of quality. The surprising thing is that most of them are actually super cheap and from the drugstore with one or two exceptions (those exceptions can be easily duped with cheaper ones, too!) I'll tell you all about them under the cut. (▰˘◡˘▰)

Friday, February 14

perfect kiss

Happy Valentine's Day, sweethearts!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I hope you're all enjoying lots of conversation heart candies and chocolate!ヽ(^o^) I spent most of the day running boring errands, but at least my outfit was super cute, right? I usually wear heart motifs every year for the holiday, so I decided to switch it up this time around and wear some pop art-ish lip prints instead. I also couldn't resist throwing my Meadham Kirchhoff lurex tights into the mix, because you know it wouldn't be a ~true~ Valentine's outfit without lots of pink and red and GLITTER! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧                                        
outfit details
cardigan (worn as a top) & skirt - c/o Oasap| tights - Meadham Kirchhoff| shoes - Bodyline 

I also wore this adorable(y weird?) lip-shaped purse from Oasap, just to continue the matchy-matchy vibes with my cardigan. ∩(︶▽︶)∩

P.S. I hope the post title made you want to listen to New Order *evil cackle*
Perfect Kiss by New Order on Grooveshark