Thursday, July 2, 2015

out of this world

It's World UFO Day! To celebrate this day dedicated to all things ~extra terrestrial~ I've compiled a small wishlist featuring some fave ☆ out of this world ☆ fashion finds from etsy, eBay, and Ericdress. If you ever wanted to know what my ideal alien abduction wardrobe would look like then you're in luck with this post! o.~

saturn necklace Danny Brito t-shirt galaxy-esque skirt iridescent alien bag MILKBBI pin metallic platforms

Monday, June 22, 2015

ice cream queen

Tie-dye, ice cream motifs, and jelly shoes are things that will always remind me of summer time, so it's only natural that I decided to wear them all together for my first ~official~ outfit of the season! ☼

❣outfit details❣ 
dress - Romwe | cardigan & socks - ℅ Oasap | brooch - ℅ Clairey Lou Creations | shoes - JuJu Jellies

I don't think these shoes have made their appearance on this blog yet? I don't know why because I wear them all the time! They're by JuJu and are by far the comfiest sandals I own. I think they make a nice pair with my ice cream cone socks, too!

I continued the ice cream accessories theme with my Clairey Lou Creations ice cream cone brooch (worn as a necklace!) Claire has such an amazing eye for detail and it really shows through in all of her pieces, this one being no exception! How cute are those tiny pastel sprinkles? *o*

In other news that is really only exciting to me, I had my first successful thrift hunt of the season today! Amongst my finds were a pair of bright red kitten heels and a rainbow woven belt, both of these items have been on my wish list for YEARS so I was super stoked to be able to find them all in one trip. I also scored some cheap sewing supplies, including a 1968 Simplicity dress pattern & some '60s floral bed sheets. Summer is off to a great start so far! ❤

Friday, May 8, 2015


  I dressed up like a shoegaze galaxy girl today (am I a total nerd or what?)

❣outfit details❣ 
t-shirt - Custom (c/o Snap Made) | skirt - Romwe | tights - c/o Galaxy Cauldron  | shoes - thrifted

I'm not huge on band t-shirts these days, but I do make exceptions for my faves, and Lush are a definite fave! ❤ I've been wanting to add a Lush tee to my collection for a while now, but finding an original going for less than $200+ is kind of impossible. Luckily, there are places like Snap Made where you can get custom printed T's for super cheap! I placed an order with them recently and was really happy with how mine turned out. The print is nice 'n bright and the t-shirt itself fits like a dream.

This wouldn't be a complete galaxy girl look without a pair of stardust tights. I definitely need to start wearing these more often, they're the BEST!

The ladies of Lush - *fangirl swoon*
I honestly cannot put into words just how much love I have for them & their music! Also, Miki is the ultimate style goals (she's actually the reason why I started collecting metallic/vinyl skirts!)

 ❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. For those of you not familiar with the perfection that is Lush / Miki Berenyi, my friend Sarah posted a rad feature about them on her blog which you should totally check out! You can find it here. :)