Tuesday, November 18, 2014

☼ endless summer ☼

Here's a little summer-inspired wishlist that I put together today ~ It's all sunshine, rainbows, & daisies. Can you tell that I'm definitely not ready for it to be winter yet? haha.

rainbow dress by Nishe - The designers at Nishe have stolen my heart once again with this sweetheart dress! It's in the same style as their gingham cupcake design, but this one is covered in little embroidered rainbows instead. It's times like these I wish I could just reach into the computer and grab what's on the screen. ・゚・(ノ∀`;)・゚・

grassy green backpack by Fjallraven - I've had my eye out for a nice bright green bag for a while now; this kanken bag by Fjallraven fits the bill perfectly! How cute would this look decked out in embroidered daisy patches? ✿

cloudy skies button set by MILKBBI - I think these badges would look pretty cute pinned to a winter coat, kind of as a reminder that this awful winter weather won't last forever (even though it feels like it will). ☆

secret stash sandals by YRU - These sandals definitely fall under the category of dream shoes! As if the metallic rainbow straps on these aren't rad enough, the platform on the sandal is hollowed out too so you can use it to store/showcase stuff. How cool is that? (・∀・`*)

 ☼  ☼  ☼

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Long time, no post! My ~*daily outfit vibe*~ hasn't changed much since last time you heard from me (which was almost two months ago? eek!) I'm still obsessed as ever with fluorescent floral prints. (*´∀`) Today's outfit wasn't as obnoxiously bright though, mainly because I was trying my best to coordinate with these gorgeeeous LeBunny Bleu heels & doing so required me to wear a little more black than I'm used to. I think it turned out alright though?! (。・・。) I remember seeing a pair of shoes very similar to these (right down to the gold glitter details!) in a '60s fashion mag, so that kind of ended up being the inspiration behind this whole look. I just wish I knew how to do a proper beehive hairdo to get the full effect! (U.U)

❣outfit details❣
vest - thrifted | dress (worn as a skirt) - Lounge Craft | heels - c/o LeBunny Bleu

My new LeBunny Bleu's (check out the little bunny bows!) & a closer look at my necklace which is from Oasap. It totally reminds me of those enamel flower brooches from the '60s & '70s. I love it so much that I'm considering buying the pink and blue versions too!

Monday, September 15, 2014

❣ Sock it to Me ~ Design a Sock Contest ❣

Helloooo all~ I'm just dropping in real quick to let you know about this super exciting contest that Sock it to Me is currently hosting. They're having their annual Design-a-Sock contest, but this year it's extra special because it also coincides with their 10th Anniversary! *:・゚✧ The grand prize winner will receive $5000 in cash & a chance to have their design made into actual socks! How rad is that? To get in on the fun all you have to do is download the sock template and get designing! This contest is open to everyone & entries must be turned in by Friday, September 26th (so you've got a little over a week left to enter!) You can find all the rules, prize info, and the sock template here. GOOD LUCK! ❤

Being the novelty sock fan that I am, you know I couldn't resist placing my own entry! Here are my designs ↷
Fingers crossed that the judges like'em! (ゝ∀・*)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

daisy chain

 I was going for a '60s-schoolgirl-on-acid look today with my uniform blouse/dress combo, mary janes, & fluorescent colors galore! (●ゝω・●)
❣outfit details❣ 
  dress - c/o Front Row Shop | blouse - French Toast | purse - ASOS | shoes - Doc Martens

Becca from Ultra Terrestrial designs some of the raddest stuff around, and this alien pin is no exception! I wear it every chance I get, and it just so happens that today it matched the vibe I was going for perfectly. ❤

Speaking of perfect, have you noticed the motif on this bag?! I love daisies and all things sequined, so this is like a total dream pairing for me. ✿ (´▽`ʃƪ) I think it looks pretty cute with my rainbow pompom ring, too!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

teen dream

 ♥ all images found via Just Seventeen
I've been a bit obsessed with ~vintage~ magazine scans lately, and I totally hit the jackpot the other day when I found this blog that's dedicated to old issues of Seventeen! I couldn't help going through their entire archive (oops), but it was totally worth it because pretty much everything on there is right in line with what I'm into these days. Here are some of my faves, most of which are from the '60s (of course) but there's a little bit of '80s-'90s thrown in there as well (you'll have to look really close to tell the difference though.) Enjoy! (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・